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Here you can find all the stator and rotor applications for different categories.

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  • Stator Rotor for Fan Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Fan Motor Stator Rotor Lamination, stator winding

    Fans are the most common home appliance in our lives, we can say fans are the must in our life. Not only at home, they are also widely used in industrial field to cool down the machines or to exhaust air. Most fans are powered with electrical motors. We can say the most common electrical motors in our lives is fan motors. The construction of fan motors includes stator, rotors, UEW copper winding (some are used with aluminum wires), shaft, gearbox (to adjust the speed), capacitor and aluminum/iron cover. In TayGuei, we don’t use aluminum wires, all are PURE Copper (UEW). Although it is a little bit cheaper, aluminum wires are broken easily and cause malfunction. Furthermore, the conductivity of copper is much greater than aluminum. There is still one tip about the fan motors, it’s fan blade/vane type. Different shapes of blades influence the electrical parameters. While design your own fan motors, remember to consider vanes. Nowadays, propeller type blades are quite popular.

  • Stator Rotor for Industrial Motor
    Single or three phase Induction Asynchronous Industrial Motor Stator Rotor Lamination, stator winding

    Industrial motors is the foundation of all industries: Motors represent the wisdom between electricity and kinetic energy. With the winding of rotor or permanent magnets, when the current pass, there will increase a magnetic field. Due to the magnetic field is influenced by fix magnetic field, the armature rotors continuously. At this stage, the electricity is transformed to mechanical energy to drive devices. The construction of motor includes stator, rotor, copper winding, shaft and aluminum/iron cover. Between stator and rotor, there is a small gas gap. Therefore, the rotor won’t touch the stator while rotating. Using the feature of like charges repel each other while opposite charges attract to drive the armature. With the rapid usage of three-phase motors, induction asynchronous motors are invented. Due to the construction is simple, the cost is cheaper. Besides, induction motors are easily to do the maintenance. Furthermore, it is also easy to adjust the ratio of RPM and torque. Induction motors are the most common type of motor, nearly 90% among all motors!! There are thousands of applications of induction motors to combined with other mechanical devices, such as brake, ATC, gearbox and so on.

  • Stator Rotor for Water Pump
    Induction Asynchronous Water Pump Stator Rotor Lamination, stator winding

    The basic category of pumps are three main types. Firstly, Turbo pump, such as Centrifugal pumps, Mixed-flow pumps and Axial-flow pumps. Secondly, Piston pumps and plunger pumps for Reciprocating pumps; Gear pump and Screw pumps for Rotary pumps. Last, Special types pumps, such as Hydraulic Ram pumps, Vortex pumps and Jet pumps. The stator and rotor can also fit in submersible pumps and all the others. There are nearly 70 types of pumps for different applications and for various working sites. It is said the most rapidly usage among all motors.

  • Stator Rotor for High Efficiency Motor
    Induction Asynchronous High Efficiency Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    Power saving and High efficiency is the global aim. Engineers worldwide are devoting to develop the high efficiency motors. The consuming of power due to Iron loss and copper loss can reach nearly 60% of motor efficiency at most. Four basic inner-power loss occurred while motor operating, such as Copper loss, Iron loss, Friction & Mechanical loss and Stray loss. If we can decrease the inner loss of motors, the greater efficiency we can reach. There are various Energy Standard to examine the motor efficiency worldwide. In Taiwan, we take CNS 14400 for examination. When speaking of High efficiency motor, we mean it is CNS 14400 low voltage, 3 phases, squirrel-cage induction motor.

  • Stator Rotor for Gear Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Gear Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    For gear reduction motors, there are 3 types for choosing, TG11070 / TG12575B / TG12575D. Please also be advised that those types are commonly used for European markets. Those stators rotors are matched for IEC regulation. Those are 4 poles for lower RPM. Besides, the number of rotor slots are 44 slots. Since they made from high speed stamping machines, they are designed with inner-lock (riveting). Please note the center hole (for shafting) ranges from φ14~φ22.

  • Stator Rotor for Compressor Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Compressor Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    The basic category of compressors are two main types. Firstly, Positive Displacement compressors, such as Piston compressor and Diaphragm compressor for Reciprocating compressor; Single screw compressors, Roots compressors, Rotary vane compressors, Double screw compressors and Scroll compressors for Rotary compressors. Secondly, Dynamic compressors, such as Centrifugal compressors and Axial compressors. Furthermore, we can category Positive Displacement compressors into oil and non-oil two different types. The FIRST invented and widely used compressor is Reciprocating compressor. It covers wide range of pressure, from bar to hundreds of bar; 1/4 HP to 1500HP. Besides, it also suits for various types of air, such as air, oxygen, refrigerant…and etc. The advantages of Rotary compressors are easy to operate, long life time, low noise and low vibration. It suits for full time operation. As to Centrifugal compressors, they are usually equipped with gearbox to increase the speed. The features are high energy consumption ratio (around 3.5~4.5CFM/Hp), stable exhausting and big air volume(30 to thousands M3/min). Centrifugal compressors are perfect for big machines (500HP and up).

  • Stator Rotor for Sawmill Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Sawmill Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    The Glory of Taiwan: The history of Woodworking machines in Taiwan has been flourishing over 30 years. Besides, the exporting quantity of woodworking machines is the Top 3 in the world. Along with the development of furniture industry, the production of woodworking machines increases severely. The major feature of woodworking machines is small quantity with various designs. They are almost customized. The greatest strength is there are complete industrial settlements in Taiwan and be able to get the needed parts shortly. No matter massive production or unique customized products, we can provide short lead time, reasonable price, durable and reliable products. Those motors are popular with wood, bamboo and rattan industries. Furthermore, it can also be applied for cutting tiles and stones by designing high torque output.

  • Stator Rotor for Blower Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Blower Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    Speaking of compressing air and convey air, there are three types: fan motor, blower motor and compressor motor. Generally speaking, fan motor aims on transporting air, compressor motor aims on compressing air, and blower motor combines both features of fans and compressors. Blower motors can be equipped with fan motors or compressor motors to develop exhaust fans or vacuum pumps.

  • Stator Rotor for DC Motor
    Asynchronous Induction DC Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, rotor winding

    Mainly DC motors can be divided into two parts – PMDC & BLDC motors. PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC motors) are with motor carbon brushes and commutator, in the other hand, BLDC (Brushless DC motors) are without motor carbon brushes. Comparing with AC motors, DC motors are much smaller and quieter while operation. In BLDC motors, stators are usually replaced by magnets. Rotor will be winded with copper wires without aluminum die casting. BLDC motors are usually started via Driver, with high RPM and low torque. The speed can be adjusted by the frequency to reach your demand RPM. The motor will equip with Gear box to reach high torque. PMDC & Series motors are most common DC motors.

  • Stator Rotor for Shaded Pole Motor
    Asynchronous Induction Shaded Pole Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, rotor winding

    Shaded Pole motor is a common single-phase induction motor. There is no capacitor with shaded pole motor. It is usually with small size and designed for low start torque. The biggest one is about 3/4HP. Due to the size is small, there are no starting coils. It seems to run forever but inefficient. Shaded pole motors are widely used in fans, heaters, boilers, ovens and even some refrigerator fans. There are 7 models of shaded pole motor in our selling range. The biggest one is 66 x 33.8mm.Besides rotors with aluminum die-casting, we also provide copper welding for shaded pole motors.

  • Stator Rotor for Series Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Series Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, rotor winding

    Series motors are also called as DC brush motors. Series motor can connect current directly without any drivers. The stator will be replaced by magnets, and rotor will be wined with copper wires, normally it will be 2 pole, high RPM, low torque, and the out power is under 1HP. The RPM is not like other induction motors are fixed RPM. With increasing the load, the RPM will decrease to 300~3,000RPM, on the other hand, the RPM can increase to 15,000RPM. Normally, it has to equip with frequency converter to adjust the speed. (The larger frequency, the faster RPM).

  • Stator Rotor for Ceiling Fan Motor
    Induction Asynchronous Ceiling Fan Motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, rotor winding

    We provide not only AC but also DC stator rotor for ceiling fans. There are 4 models of them. Our stator rotor for ceiling fans are applied in both industrial and home decoration appliances. A good ceiling fan motor can bring you stable fan movement and not wobbling. Besides, a high quality fan can circulate as much air at a given RPM. Since air movement is controlled by the fan speed, the design of the angle of the blades are important. Good quality fans boast motors that have more power and allow greater blade pitch. Furthermore, good fans have low noise, without humming.TayGuei has rich experience in ceiling fans and with various design of the overall looks. We believe our stators and rotors can make your ceiling fan motors more durable, less maintenance and competitive to others.

  • Stator Rotor for Other Motor
    Induction Asynchronous single or three phase motor Stator Rotor silicon steel lamination, stator winding

    TayGuei has been produced stator and rotor lamination for more than 30 years. We handle over than 200 types of stators and rotors. Just give us the drawing, we are able to carry out your design and provide the total solution for you. With the stable supply chain of silicon steels, mass production capacity, we make our customers be competitive in the market with advantages of reasonable price, high quality, flexible trading terms and so on. If you have any other requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to serve you.

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Over 30 Years Professional Stator And Rotor Manufacturer | TayGuei

Located in Taiwan, TAYGUEI INDUSTRY CO., LTD., since 1984, is a stator rotor manufacturer in stamping components industry. Stator rotor manufacturing for fan motor, industrial motor, water pump, high efficiency motor, gear motor, compressor motor, sawmill motor, blower motor, etc.

High efficiency stator rotor manufactured 0.03mm (30 µm) due to our masterwork on molds, sold to 15 countries, 60,000 tons of annual production, and stator and rotor for IEC and NEMA that can reach IE3 and IE4 high efficient motor. Stator and rotor with punch from top-grade steel, precision meets 3µm, long service life, low power consumption, excellent efficiency and 3-week lead time.

TayGuei has been offering customers motors & stators, both with advanced technology and 34 years of experience, TayGuei ensures each customer's demands are met.

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