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Taiwan IE3-IE4 Stator Rotors Manufacturer | TayGuei

Located in Taiwan since 1984, TAYGUEI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has been a stator and rotor manufacturer in the stamped parts industry. Their main stator rotor products include, rotors, stators, motor cores, motor parts, fan motors, silicon steel lamination, rotor lamination, laminated stators, intelligent motors and servo motors, which are sold to over 15 countries.

With almost 40 years experience in standard dimension and customization service. We are expertise in mould development and maintenance that guarantees our high quality products. The main service philosophy is COMPLETE YOUR MOTOR. TayGuei believes helping our client to produce a better motor is priority than any other else. Stator and rotor stamped from high grade steel, 3µm precision, long service life, low power consumption, excellent efficiency and 3 week lead time.

TayGuei has been offering customers motor stators and rotors, both with advanced technology and 39 years of experience, TayGuei ensures each customer's demands are met.